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Unlocking the mysteries of concussion and the brain

New UBC research could make diagnosis, treatment and prevention more effective for everyone — especially women. It was a freak accident, and at first it didn’t seem like a big deal. UBC student Rori Wood was practicing with her teammates on the Thunderbirds women’s rugby team. During non-contact drills, another player caught her in the eye with an elbow. “I…

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Name Media Outlet Date Article
Liisa Galea University Affairs 25/07/2022 UBC researchers find a lack of gender parity in neuroscience and psychology studies
Terry Snutch National Post 23/07/2022 ‘Never seen a virus that behaves this way’: Why COVID refuses to give us a break
Alexander Rauscher BBC 16/07/2022 Concussion, Fan Tech and Skills
Lara Boyd TEDxSurrey 06/07/2022 How can stress affect learning?


Dr. Eric Yttri: Understanding brain-wide circuit dynamics underlying learned and spontaneous behavior with B-SOiD

October 14

For decades, neuroscience has focused almost exclusively on stereotyped, reductionist, and over-trained behaviors due to their ease of study. In contrast, naturalistic behavior provides a rich diversity of movements, but this feature also largely precludes it from quantification and use. Recent advances in computer vision have enabled automatic tracking of the position of body parts – but position is not behavior. To provide a…

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